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Basic explanation about Provider API concept for non-technical person. If you looking for more technical info, please check our API Specification.


In short words – Provider API it's a proxy layer between customer and banks that unify integrations between different banks (see list of supported banks).

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What problems provider API solve?

  1. We believe, that every business should focus on their main ideas, and avoid spending resources for setting up payment flow. Every bank has their own version of API, and making integration with each of them one-by-one will take a lot of time. By using our product, the only thing that you need to touch with is Provider API, the rest we'll handle on our end.
  2. To make interactions with bank secure, customer should obtain additional credentials and certificates from regulation organization or from bank directly. It can take weeks for new client, but we already have everything completed. In addition, Fena team taking care for expiration periods of credentials and keeping everything fresh and up to date.
  3. Provider API can operate not only with single payment, but also can send batch payments, set up a standing orders, get user info, collect transactions and much more.