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The fena platform consists of 2 main parts - a low-level API for Direct Banking integrations and a customer facing portal with its public APIs. The customer facing portal includes the Fena Business portal along with a portal for Partners. The Business portal is made primarily for merchants who are looking to adopt Open Banking powered solutions and to offer their end-users alternative ways to pay. The partners portal is made for those who have their own business customers and want to offer them Open Banking payments integrations without the need of being certified themselves. Both Business and Partners portals have their own public APIs.

Low-level API

The customer facing part of Fena is based on and built upon Direct Banking integrations API and provides more feature-rich solutions for those who prefer/ are looking for a shorter time to market option and don’t have an elaborate engineering team. Direct Banking integrations API is suitable for more technically skilled teams that are ready to handle lots of nuances on their side, and are looking for maximum customisation possibilities while leaving only raw communication channels with the banks’ APIs to Fena.


Also, we offer plugins, built upon our solutions, for the most popular e-commerce platforms. Currently only WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento and OpenCart plugins are live and we are actively working on development of add-ons for Shopify and Shopware. Due dates of going live of these are counted by days so this docs will be updated once new plugins will be available. So far, plugins are the easiest and fastest way to integrate Open Banking payments without even knowing how to code.

OpenCart 3Activehere
OpenCart 4Activehere

Common Use-Cases

Listed below are the most common use cases when customers choose to use our services, along with the links to integration instructions for each of them:

  1. Partners portal, for customers who have their own business-customers with their own products/stores and want to offer them Open Banking payments integrations. Instructions on how to register as a partner here
  2. Partners portal + Data API with direct banking integration, for partners that want to have more fine-grained/validated control over banking data related to their business customers. More about what Data API offers here. Important! You need separate credentials to use with Direct banking API. Client IDs and client secrets you get from Partners portal or Fena Business portal don’t work with Direct Banking API. To get credentials for Direct Banking which will give you access to Data API, contact us at
  3. Plugins, for integration instructions on each and all of our plugins see the table above.
  4. Fena Business portal, for customers who own stores/portals and want to offer their end-users alternative and better way of payments. Detailed instructions for integration here